Nerf Games

Nerf Games to Play

There are a numerous amount of  Game types that can be played, a few have been around a while whilst others have been copied from block buster movies like The Hunger Games, and ever increasing in popularity are  Nerf Games like Zombies or Humans vs Zombies which have become more popular after the release of  Call of Duty Series(COD) BlackOp’s & Black Op’s II.

I have complied a list from me and my friends experiences and also from material found on the Internet. This list is by no means definitive but I hope to give people ideas on the different variation of Nerf Games played and give inspiration for new development on these themes or completely new Idea’s.

Hopefully as new Game types come along I will update this list, if any one wishes to submit new games please contact me.

For a more in depth guide to some of the Nerf Games listed,  i.e. rules, game play and suggested weapons etc.  I shall be writing  articles under the Nerf Games Guide category

Games List

Capture the Flag

Each team is given a flag to defend and to win must capture their opponent’s flag, very similar to Dart Tag. Once a team captures their opponents flag, normally within a predetermined time limit, they win.

This Nerf game is normally played by two team groups, and each  group must capture their opponent’s flag and successfully locate it in their home base. Often in the rules, a team must still have their own flag situated in their base to win the round. More often than not Capture the Flag game does not include the permanent elimination of a player.

There are two variants to this game called “Push” and “Pull”. Push is were a single flag is positioned in the centre of the Nerf Game Battlefield. The team who wins must capture the flag and place it in their oppositions base.

Nerf Games Capture the Flag

The “Pull” variant is when the flag in the centre of the battlefield and must be retrieved by the team back to their own base. Due to the nature of these games they are often fast paced when the quickest players outrun their opposing team and simply grab the flag.

The Pull variation can be also be  known as “Search and Destroy”, where the flag is designated as a “bomb” which begins in one team’s possession and if the other team capture it then it “explodes”.