Nerf War Battle

Freshmen unwind with Nerf War Battle

Let the Nerf War Fun begin ! Late in the evening, the lights snap off in the Solberg Hall basement. The only remaining source of illumination pours from behind the kitchen door standing ajar. Heavy rock music floods the ears of students strategically barricaded behind couch cushions. From the corner of the room comes the cry, ”Three…two…one…GO!” The Nerf war gun battle is on……..

Nerf War Dorm Battle

Conquering University Boredom with Nerf War

“I had my Maverick and my Nightstrike when I came to UNCA,” said Keith Taylor, junior physics and mechatronics student. “Then when Assassins started my sophomore year, everybody else in the hall kind of got into it, and we ended up acquiring about five more guns.”……….. Excerpt, Click title to continue reading.