Nerf War Guide

As competitive sports go Nerf War is at the top, this activity involves Nerf Blasters or alternative foam-firing toy weapons. The term covers a large verity of games and get togethers, from casual shoot-outs in places of work and celler basements to well-organized outside battles with high-powered modified in some cases, blasters. Since foam-firing guns are comparatively safe and low cost, Nerf battles will embody participants and battlefield play areas otherwise unsuitable for airsoft and paintball.

Nerf wars take place anywhere, any space with a decent balance of open area and canopy will be a candidate. Cellars,basements, place of work, and backyard spaces are common locations for casual games. For larger wars with a lot of participants, larger venues like gymnasiums, public parks, forests, quarries, and colleges are ideal recreational areas. The inside of big hall like a church could also be made into a battleground by turning tables onto their sides.

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Once deciding upon a Nerf war public space, the organizer generally reserves the area and watches out for non-participants to cut back any liability. the flexibility to play in free locations is a crucial component of a war's accessibility.

A war is won or lost reckoning on what you take to the fight, a decent verity of guns can offer fireplace power, accuracy, range, and design to any war. This range will be discussed in a future article.

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Nerf War on the net

Many wars across the Globe are organized and promoted through the forums of enthusiast sites like NerfRevolution, NerfHQ, Foam Universe, Heart of Nerf and don't forget the plentiful amount of youtube videos, facebook organisations and nerf war tweeters and their followers . The members of most of the forums are jointly referred to as the Nerf web Community, or NIC. The NIC holds giant annual wars on each of the geographic area and geographical area of the United States and some locations even have twice yearly or monthly wars. All around the UK, Europe and Australia there are wars also and a yearly event known as Reign of froth. Some faculties and youth teams have active clubs and associations that host Nerf Wars offers.

Rules area set by the war's hosts to make a safer and well balanced, fair game. Over time, the NIC has targeted on a wide range of accepted rules, laws, and game types.

How to Set up a War

Informal wars are typically ad-hoc games competed in a workplace or gardens. These are typically free-for-alls that run until the last available of darts has run out. Informal wars during are an inexpensive and exciting relief from daily tedium, and a motivating methodology to create comradeship and team building.

Organised wars typically have greater intensity, larger in scale, and well-publicised, generally planned prior with a bunch of friends, a Nerf club, or the Nerf web Community, these battles are normally situated in big public areas, attract Nerf hobbyists, and frequently have standardised rules, as a result the games are additionally competitive and therefore the battleground larger, many blasters are altered to increase the firing range of the darts.

To start a Nerf war you ideally have 2 groups (say about seven to twenty individuals per team). Next you need a suitable battle ground, you may use a wood, park, house (only for little nerf wars) or a full street. For those of you who own a farm you may use that however securely close of gates so no cats, dog’s etc. get in your firing range.

Now on to positions you would require 1-3 snipers per team, two to four individuals for rescue, 1-2 scouts, one commander and therefore the rest unit troopers. Build forts (or use buildings) at opposite corners or the battle ground grab your firearms and guards and let the foam dart fun begin ! A local country park or playground will offer for ample room, and sensible hiding places for a war.

Nerf war will offer fun for most occasions, like a child’s or adult part, a sunny day at the park, or perhaps simply a summer gathering of friends and family. Wars also are a safer alternative too many other war games, like paintballing, as nerf darts made of soft foam that have very little potential to injure. If you wish to throw a nerf war for friends, or for your child’s friends, I have listed below a few ideas on how to get the party started.

Fun Sunny day in the Park. photo by OzAdrlan @ flickr

Steps on organising a War

  • Set up a location to run your Nerf war. You may wish to use a comparatively open area, with some cover (e.g., behind trees, walls or tables). Samples of sensible areas are a country park, your back garden, or perhaps a fully closed off street.
  • Pick a date. Once you have settled on a location, select a date which ties in with your location availability, making certain that it'll be accessible on the day you decide. Arrange for t the date to be a minimum of a few couple of weeks away, so the guests have ample time fit it into their schedule
  • Find stores close to you that sell foam Nerf merchandise. The Guns and ammunition can be purchase through our site if required. Make a note of these stores, so that you can include them in your guest invites that might not own a weapon and may need to purchase one. You can check out the Hasbro Website to view the latest products then purchase from our store.
  • Decide on a length for your war. Keep it somewhere around 1/2 hour for brief wars, to four hours for longer. Confirming a time of the war with your guests will enable you top offer refreshments and snacks during and after completion
  • Decide upon rules for your specific Nerf war. Games rules will vary, from 2 groups fighting each other, to each man for himself, you'll have groups, each with a security zone, with the goal being to shoot each member of the opposite team till they're all out or simply do singles where everyone is their own team, and therefore the winner is that the last person remaining within the game.
  • Decide what food and refreshments you'll offer. A Nerf war host ought to offer a minimum of water and a few types of snack e.g. crisp and sweets, to keep players’ energy up, however you may additionally prefer to have a lunch or dinner break planned.
  • Make invites and send out stating date and time, location, duration, the store locations who sell Nerf merchandise. Additionally tell them whether or not they can bring food, like for a lunch break, or additional refreshments.
  • Prepare food and refreshments the night before your Nerf war. If you wish to prepare a food table with snacks, prepare snacks prior to the event. Alternatively if you are doing some sort of meal or pack lunch following the nerf game, make sure you have food made and know what each guest will be bringing.
  • Set up any food tables as well as the play area for the guests on the day of the war. Once guests arrive, restate the rules and the game length and any breaks you have decided upon and check that group’s battle area is prepared. Additionally designate a stopping time if required, and if food is being offered.

Other Idea’s

  • One plan could be to line up food tables with snacks, and hold those areas as safety zones. This way, if at anytime throughout the war someone gets a bit hungry or desires some energy, they will stop and grab a fast bite without being concerned of getting shot.
  • If you choose groups, you'll can tell guests to decorate themselves in specific colours for each team to make identification easier within the battle.
  • Make up your own Nerf war games. You’ll make rules and concepts from well-liked strategy games, like capture-the-flag, child's game, tag and alternative similar games.


Remember above all else Have Fun !